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Sure Winsalot

Game Description:

Sure Winsalot is a standard keno game in which the player can select 2-10 marked spots. The keno

grid has the standard 80 numbers labeled 1-80. The game utilizes 3 bonus spots in the base game and the top screen displays 6 locations for the knight, Sure Winsalot, to travel to. Upon game initiation, the princess is randomly placed at one of the 6 locations, 3 bonus spots are randomly placed on the grid and 20 draws are randomly selected. The player is awarded credits based upon how many matches they obtained. If all 3 bonus spots are hit, then Sure Winsalot travels to one of the 6 locations based on the order in which the bonus spots were hit. The player is able to select one of 6 weapon chests on a pickem screen. The contents of the 6 weapon chests consist of 2 instant credit awards and 4 weapons.  If instant credits are selected, the player is awarded the credits and returned to the base game, however, if a weapon is selected then altered play is triggered. Each location has a different weapon associated with it and each weapon has a different altered play associated with it.  Altered play can consist of free games, a multiplier, extra draws, a shifted paytable making it easier to obtain higher awards, or in some cases a combination of those. There will be three minor weapons and one major weapon available in these chests. The difference between the minor and major weapons are the amount of Winsalot bonus spots awarded for use in altered play. During altered play, an ogre and Winsalot do battle on the top screen. The ogre starts with a set number of bonus spots and Winsalot starts with the number of bonus spots displayed in the weapon chest. These bonus spots are randomly placed on the grid prior to the 20 (or more) random draws. If a Winsalot bonus spot is hit, it is removed for the remainder of altered play and the ogre will attack Winsalot on the top screen. If an ogre bonus spot is hit, it is removed for the remainder of altered play and Winsalot will attack the ogre on the top screen. Altered play is over when either the ogre or Winsalot run out of bonus spots. If Winsalot still has bonus spots left and the ogre does not, then Winsalot is awarded a bonus at the end of altered play for defeating the ogre. If the princess was also at the location when the ogre was defeated, then a higher bonus is awarded.



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